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Places in Macedonia with VR

Search and find places in Macedonia with first letters VR.

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Alphabetical index of places in Macedonia with VR

There are 31 places in Macedonia beginning with 'VR' (in alphabetical order).
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Vracevce   to   Vrzogrnci
Places in Macedonia with VR
Vracevce Vračevce1.Staro Nagoricane Staro Nagoričane-
Vragoturce Vragoturce2.Staro Nagoricane Staro Nagoričane-
Vrance Vranče3.Dolneni Dolneni240
Vranestica Vraneštica4.Kicevo Kičevo1,265
Vraninci Vraninci5.Kocani Kočani-
Vranista Vraništa6.Struga Struga-
Vranjevci Vranjevci7.Novaci Novaci140
Vranovce Vranovce8.Vrapciste Vrapčište-
Vrapciste Vrapčište9.Vrapciste Vrapčište8,652
Vratislavci Vratislavci10.Delcevo Delčevo-
Vratnica Вратница11.3,678
Vrazale Vražale12.Zelenikovo Zelenikovo288
Vrben Vrben13.Opstina Rostusa Opština Rostuša-
Vrbica Vrbica14.Cesinovo-Oblesevo Češinovo-Obleševo-
Vrbica Vrbica15.Kratovo Kratovo-
Vrbici Vrbici16.Staro Nagoricane Staro Nagoričane-
Vrbjani Vrbjani17.Debarca Debarca-
Vrbjani Vrbjani18.Krivogastani Krivogaštani431
Vrbjani Vrbjani19.Opstina Rostusa Opština Rostuša-
Vrboec Vrboec20.-
Vrboec Vrboec21.Krusevo Kruševo371
Vrdovacka Maala Vrdovačka Maala22.Kratovo Kratovo-
Vrginci Vrginci23.Opstina Rankovce Opstina Rankovce-
Vrginska Maala Vrginska Maala24.Kriva Palanka Kriva Palanka-
Vrpsko Vrpsko25.Prilep Prilep5
Vrsakovo Vrsakovo26.Stip Štip-
Vrtekica Vrtekica27.Studenicani Studeničani237
Vrteska Vrteška28.Karbinci Karbinci-
Vrtok Vrtok29.Gostivar Gostivar-
Vrutok Vrutok30.Gostivar Gostivar5,999
Vrzogrnci Vržogrnci31.Opstina Rankovce Opstina Rankovce-

1 - 31 of 31 places